Built by avid riders, CurbNinja is a tool to help motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts find the best places to park in busy urban centers. Plagued by parking tickets, knockdowns and never-ending circling, the CurbNinja team developed a user-friendly app that’s not only makes finding parking easier, but also give riders the ability to share spots they find with the community.

With our app, riders are able to search for the hidden gems of street parking by address or by their current location on their mobile device. Our spots are easy to comprehend and even include photos so there is no mistake on where to stash your ride. All of our spots have been shared by riders within the CurbNinja community. This means the spot you find on the app was tagged by another rider, just like you.

CurbNinja is ideal for:
Finding street parking spaces in urban centers
  • • Finding safe street parking vetted by fellow riders
  • • Sharing your secret parking spots with the community


Fred Lebed, Co-Founder

Fred rides a 2003 Ducati Monster and lives in Chicago. Fred has been riding for 2 years and loves to cruise the streets of the city. Fred is in charge of general operations of CurbNinja

Tim Hines, Co-Founder
Tim rides a classic 1986 Yamaha Maxim and lives in Chicago. Tim has been riding for five years and likes to cruise Lake Shore Drive on summer nights. Tim handles marketing and the development team of CurbNinja.


How much is the app?
It is FREE! We wanted to make sure that parking is free to find.

What mobile devices can I get the app on?
Currently you can find CurbNinja in the Apple AppStore and on GooglePlay. That’s for iPhones and Android people!

How do I find a spot on the app?
Log on to the app and hit the “Search” button. You can either search by your current location or type in an address of where you will be.

How do I share spots I find on the app?
Log on to the app and hit the “Tag” button. Follow the steps and take a picture. Once you submit, the spot will be available for all users to see.

Does the app work in any city?
YES. While we are first launching in Chicago, the app can be used in any major city. Wherever bikers are, we’ll be there. If you find a spot in New York, tag it. If you find one in San Francisco, tag it. The app is crowd-sourced, so it works where YOU want it to work.

What if a spot is taken when I get there?
At this time, we cannot guarantee that our spots won’t be occupied upon arrival. If a spot is packed, do another search on the app. You should be able to find other spots nearby.

What if a spot no longer exists or has incorrect information?
We built a feature for that! Pull the spot up on the app and hit the “Submit Correction” button. From there you can edit the spot’s information and put your reason for correction. This will keep our spots up to date.

What if I park in a spot and get a ticket?
We carefully inspect all spots that are submitted through the app, however we cannot guarantee that tickets will not be issued. Each municipality has different laws that are enforced differently by ticket issuers. We recommend that you inspect the spot carefully before you park as well as pay if you are in a metered area.

What if my bike gets towed?
Same explanation as above. Call your local municipality and find out where it is.

Who can I talk to with complaints or cool ideas for CurbNinja?
We’d definitely prefer the later, but feel free to reach out to us at info@curbninja.com.

How do I become a CurbNinja sponsor?
We’d love for you to be our sponsor! Email info@curbninja.com to get the discussion going.

Where can I find my city’s motorcycle parking laws?
Um, Google?! But just cause we’re nice here are links to a few…
New York City
San Francisco