Stepping Up for the Challenge Cup

Well, we have some good news CurbNinja fans! We have been selected to participate in the first ever Challenge Cup pitch competition being run by 1776 in DC and hosted by 1871 in Chicago. We are super excited to take part in this regional competition where we are competing for cash and prizes. We applied under the 'Smart Cities' category where we are aiming to help reduce traffic, reduce emissions, and save commuters fuel costs by encouraging them to ride instead of drive into the city.

From the Challenge Cup website:
THE CHALLENGE CUP  is a global competition to identify and celebrate the most promising startups tackling the biggest challenges. The competition will center on startups innovating in four primary categories: education, health, energy, and smart cities.
The competition will identify the startups with the potential for transformative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, highlight exciting developments happening in areas of global importance, and spotlight the global startup ecosystem, with an emphasis on key cities around the world.
If you are around Chicago on Monday, November 3, come out and support us. We need a cheering section. You can register for free at

Bikers clash with Rovers

Really, don't mess with biker ninjas!


Mods vs. Rockers Wrap

Wow, what a blast that was! Despite the rain in the morning, we had a great time showing off the CurbNinja app to all the attendees. We got great feedback! It was also awesome to be able to share out booth with Jaks from Windy City Woman Riders MC. What a bonding experience. We also made this sweet video...


May is for Bikes!

May is Motorcycle awareness month and we can tell you that from our tower in Chicago we are seeing a ton of bikes on the road since we reached our first 70+ degree days of the year. Great folks like the Motorcycle Awareness Campaign are doing a lot to keep bikers safe like billboards along side highways. Motorcyclists have all the same rights and privileges as any motor vehicle driver on the roadway. During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May - and during the rest of the year - drivers of all other vehicles and all road users are reminded to safely "share the road" with motorcyclists, and to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe.

So save a life and look twice! Spread the word!

Second Sundays Kickoff

Our first biker event of the season! We were there in ninja-style sporting CurbNinja t-shirts and promo cards for the crowd. The Woodstock Harley Davidson was quite a sight with hundreds of bikes on the display including their new Triumph section. We grabbed some brats and burgers, listened to the band and even caught some of the burlesque show. In the 40-degree weather those girls must have been freezing!

Everyone we talked to loved the CurbNinja concept, especially the gals from the Windy City Women Riders. We had a blast hanging out with them. One, even gave us a rad testimonial...

We're looking forward to the next Second Sundays Events. Thanks for making it rock Steel Toe Press!

Switch Riders

Awesome video of the Swtich Riders doing their thing. Amazing control of their bikes. Where do you think they park on the street?


Never Mess with CurbNinja

Doing some web surfing we stumbled upon this video of what appears to be a family prank on a BYU fan's house by Utah fans in Salt Lake City. They used text in the video saying "Curb Ninja" which is why we found it. At 2:00 the boy says "Never mess with Curb Ninja" which is cool and we think he's referring to his prankster alter-ego self as Curb Ninja. This is our random find of the week.


Mods v. Rockers Needs Pinup Girls!

The best pinup girl will win $500 at the Mods v. Rockers contest on June 15! Check out for details. CurbNinja will be there!

Parking in San Francisco

On a recent trip to SF, we took notice to the parking tactics on bikers in the area. Since the weather is much better there year round than in Chicago, bikes and scooters were all over the place. The city has also done a great job of providing biker-friendly parking areas on the street. They have painted lines specifically for bikes to park and pay. We also found some great hidden gems of free parking on the sloped avenues. Check the pics below...

A bike-only lot by the warf with pay and display box.

Bike metered spaces on Haight Street.

Police use dirt-bike styles, this one parked in a tow zone...

We even saw a bike parked in an art store in Little Italy.

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Ninja Turtles, the original

Yeah YouTube! Look what we found, the full-length original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from the early 90's. Enjoy ninjas!!!