How much is the app download?

Our app is 100% FREE! We are community-based and believe in empowering our users with the ability to park safely & securely. While that information is priceless, it should never cost.

Where can I download the app?

Currently you can find us Apple App Store under “CurbNinja Motorbike Parking” and Google Play under “CurbNinja Motorcycle Parking.” It works best on phones versus tablets.

How do I login/create an account on the app?

When you first install and launch the app, you will be prompted to create an account. You can either login with your Facebook account or create an account manually with an email and password. We ask to you create an account to ensure accountability and the quality of our tagged parking spots.

How do I find a spot on the app?

Open the app and login the map will immediately center on your location (turn on location settings). You can either search for spots nearby or type in your destination.

What do the different pins in the app stand for?

  •  Green “M” pins are for metered or paid parking spots – These spots are carefully regulated by municipalities and will typically cost a certain amount per hour to park. Look for the “Hours” of the meter to see when you need to pay to park. You’ll see the most metered spots in San Francisco and Seattle.
  •  Blue “F” pins are for free parking spots – These spots have no fees to park, but still may have restrictions so carefully read the spot information. Some cities like San Jose and San Diego offer free parking on their streets.
  •  Orange “B” pins are for biker-friendly businesses – To build our community, we added biker-friendly businesses like service shops, dealers, restaurants and more to let you know what’s nearby to check out after you park. If we missed a business that you’d like to see, send us an email at info@curbninja.com requesting to have it pinned. You can also fill out this FORM and we’ll get the business online right away!

How do I share spots I find on the app?

Log on to the app and hit the Tag button on the bottom nav. Center the pin on where you found the spot (automatically set to your location), then fill out the short form and take a picture. Once you submit, the spot will be available for all users to see immediately.

Does the app work for both motorcycles and scooters?

Absolutely! We created the solution for urban/suburban motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts alike. We all experience the same parking dilemma in cities, even if we ride in separate gangs.

Does the app work in any city?

YES. Since the app is community-based, users can tag spots in any city; we’ve even seen some in Cleveland and Pittsburgh! That being said, we make official launches in cities where we tag a sizable amount of spots. Currently we are live in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, D.C.

Can I used the app to find places to park in lots and garages?

At this point we specialize in street parking, where riders experience the most angst, so 99% of our spots are on the street. We do feature some free and metered spots that are in lots in a few of our cities. All free parking in Las Vegas is in casino garages or surface lots. We’ll soon be adding more biker-friendly lots and garages.

How do I know if a spot is available?

At this time, we don’t support spot availability. We rely on city infrastructures and integrated data and unfortunately most cities just aren’t there from a technological standpoint. We’re hoping this technology will be available soon, but until then if a spot is taken, do another search and you’ll find other spots nearby.

What if a spot no longer exists or has incorrect information?

We built a feature for that! Pull the spot up on the app and hit the Fix in the upper right. From there you can edit the spot’s information. This will keep our spots up to date. If a spot no longed exists, open the spot and hit “Report Spot Errors” on the very bottom. An automated email will be sent to us.

What if I park in a spot and get a ticket?

We carefully inspect all spots that are submitted through the app, however we cannot guarantee that tickets will not be issued. Each municipality has different laws that are enforced differently by ticket issuers. We recommend that you inspect the spot carefully before you park to make sure it is legal as well as pay if you are in a metered area.

What if my bike gets towed?

Same explanation as above. Call your local municipality and find out where it is.

Who can I talk to with complaints or cool ideas for CurbNinja?

We’d definitely prefer the later, but feel free to reach out to us at info@curbninja.com.

Where can I find my city’s motorcycle parking laws?

Um, Google?! But just cause we’re nice here are links to a few… ChicagoNew York CitySan Francisco